I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a makeup expert! I’ll honestly have moments where I’ll go bare faced for weeks on end and I also have moments where I stick to my everyday looks. While I do like to experiment with different looks for special occasions but for everyday wear, I tend to keep my makeup pretty basic. Last year, I tried to experiment with doing makeup tutorials on my YouTube channel, but I decided to give it up. One of the reasons being I don’t think I’m that great at makeup or a makeup expert for that matter.

When curating an everyday makeup bag, it’s best to have the products you have tested out and use on a daily basis. For my makeup bag, I like to stick to things that I know and like. It’s hard for me to open up to trying new makeup products.. Especially complexion products.Simply because I know how my skin reacts to certain products, ingredients, etc. 


What’s in my makeup bag?

The great thing about my makeup collection in general is that I like to mix high and low products. I love a good high end luxury product, but I’m also obsessed with drugstore products! I feel like drugstore is definitely stepping their game up! 


Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20: This is perfect for everyday wear! If you don’t want to wear foundation everyday, this is the perfect product! Since I have oily skin, I like to use the oil free version but they also have one for dry skin. I love to use this product, add some brows, mascara, and a cute lip color and you’re good to go!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation: I used to be obsessed with MAC foundations when I first started wearing makeup but I have been wearing the Studio Fix Fluid foundation lately and I’m obsessed with it! A little bit goes a long way and it’s full coverage! I also love the finish of this foundation. Although I have oily skin, sometimes I like to go for the dewy look and this foundation is perfect for that!

MAC Studio Finish Concealer: This concealer has multiple uses. I use it to clean underneath my brows, spot conceal any blemishes, or sometimes I’ll just wear this product and a little powder. 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer: I have been using this since Freshman year of college and I’m seriously obsessed with this concealer for underneath the eyes! Also it’s affordable and Maybelline released more shades!

Black Radiance Pressed Powder: I use this powder in place of bronzer. This has been my go to for years! I love the finish this powder gives and it looks great on my skin! And for under $10, you can’t beat that!

MAC Spiked Brow Pencil: This is another oldie but goodie. Hey, I like what I like.. This is the very first brow product I have purchased when I got into doing my brows and I’m going to continue to purchase! 

Maybelline Big Shot Mascara: This mascara is seriously amazing! I’m blessed to have naturally long and thick eyelashes but when I use this product, it really enhances my lashes! Maybelline was so nice enough to send me a ton of products and they sent me the Maybelline x Makeup Shayla mascara from her collaboration! I can’t wait to try it!

Those are all of the makeup products I keep in my makeup bag! I love eyeshadows, highlighters, and lipsticks of course but those change depending on how I feel, the brand, etc. But these are the products. I always go to and use all the time! 

Two questions… Should I do a “What’s in my makeup bag? For each month and what are the must have products in your makeup bag!

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  1. February 19, 2018 / 10:23 pm

    makeup is something I have always found a little challenging. I am by no means an expert but i love learning about the brands you are using!


  2. February 19, 2018 / 11:47 pm

    Some great items in your makeup bag! Will definitely have to try out some of them. Thanks for sharing girl!

    xo, Lydia

  3. Delia
    February 20, 2018 / 12:25 am

    Thanks for sharing what you use! I need some of hear things ASAP!

  4. February 20, 2018 / 1:02 am

    Girl I’m always trying to nail this down! The key being a condenses bag. Great tips!

  5. February 20, 2018 / 1:09 am

    Great product choices in your current bag! I too Use Maybelline mascara and swear by it, but I love their Spider Effect one, soooo good!!!

  6. February 20, 2018 / 2:07 am

    All this talk of MAC makes me want to revisit the brand! Thanks for the inso girl


  7. February 20, 2018 / 5:12 am

    I have never tried MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation but tried their blush and love it. I also have oily skin and don’t like some product that is too oily. Yours doesnt look oily so may be I shall give it a go.

  8. February 20, 2018 / 7:24 am

    Isn’t it strange how we always go back to the products we know and love. I’m a huge fan of the MAC foundations and concealers too. They just so affordable and they work

  9. February 20, 2018 / 7:45 am

    These are really good staples to have. I had to split my makeup into various bags (eyeliners/mascara, nice/favorite lipsticks, decent lipsticks, and cheaper lipsticks). I have a travel bag that has bronzer, blush, highlight, eye shadow, concealer, eyelid primer, mascara, and lipstick.

  10. February 20, 2018 / 10:19 am

    This is such a great post girl! I’ve been trying to pick out all makeup bag necessities and this post is so helpful!

    cute & little

  11. Joanna
    February 20, 2018 / 12:53 pm

    I also have the Maybelling Big Shot mascara in my make-up bag. I like it, but I do have better ones as well, like the Too Faced Better than sex one, which is amazing and makes your eyelashes look stunning.

    • thelifewithnicole
      February 20, 2018 / 8:22 pm

      I still need to try the Too Faced mascara!

  12. Nataly
    February 20, 2018 / 1:14 pm

    You have so many great picks in your makeup bag! I need to try that Laura Mercier foundation!

  13. February 20, 2018 / 2:13 pm

    I love mac products and I’ve been using them since high school! But when it comes to mascara, there’s nothing beats Givenchy.

  14. Stephanie
    February 20, 2018 / 3:37 pm

    Definitely all some serious essentials in this bag! I usually just take my two favorite powders, my foundation, and a beauty blender with me when I leave the house, because I don’t really touch up much else!

  15. Stephanie Caligiuri
    February 20, 2018 / 4:07 pm

    So many great products! MAC is always one of my favorite brands!

    xo, Steph | UrbanBlonde.com

  16. Elizabeth O
    February 20, 2018 / 6:18 pm

    I recently whittled my make up bag down to just my daily essentials and it has been so much easier to just have my staples. I haven’t tried all the products you mentioned here but I am a big fan of the Maybelline Instant age rewind concealer!

  17. February 20, 2018 / 6:46 pm

    I’m a little like you, with certain products once I find THE ONE I don’t venture far or I’ll end up coming back to it. I hadn’t heard of that Maybelline concealer but I am in town soon so I will check it out! Looks like you are well organised on your go to products 😀

  18. February 20, 2018 / 7:10 pm

    These are all great things to have in your makeup stash! I LOVE that concealer!

  19. February 20, 2018 / 9:42 pm

    What an amazing list of products! Mac is one of my favorite brands and I love its compact face powder!

  20. February 21, 2018 / 5:15 am

    Love the make up you use. Great job in putting them all together. Thanks for sharing this to us.

  21. Shubhada Bhide
    February 21, 2018 / 9:40 am

    oh, you have some great items in your bag. I’ve been using Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer 3 years now. and I really like it because it covers my dark spot.

  22. February 21, 2018 / 11:51 am

    Just 1 bag? People really do that? lol Not me! I have an entire makeup closet. 🙂

  23. February 21, 2018 / 4:28 pm

    These are some amazing products in your makeup bag. I love MAC foundations, the one I am currently loving is the MAC Mineralize, it is so perfect for my combination skin in this dry weather. I am also a fan of Laura Mercier products.

  24. February 21, 2018 / 7:04 pm

    I always carry a lip balm and Geranium hydrosol in my makeup bag. They are must-haves. I have read a lot of good reviews about Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer but i wish it was all natural

  25. February 21, 2018 / 10:30 pm

    Very timely post. My niece was just talking about updating her make-up. I will send her your way.

  26. Tonya
    February 22, 2018 / 12:50 am

    Girl, you look gorgeous! I honestly wish I felt comfortable enough to go weeks without makeup!! Props to you!

  27. February 22, 2018 / 4:21 am

    Agree with so many of your picks, and I love that everything has a specific purpose, no extra things taking up space!

  28. February 22, 2018 / 9:43 am

    These are really great recommendations! I am a makeup fanatic 😛 I love testing new products and colours, experiment, I have great fun! BUT for every day, it’s exactly as you said. I keep only a few products in my makeup bag which are trusty and also easy to apply. Sometimes all I have is 5-10 minutes in the morning to do my makeup so it needs to be practical!

  29. Lacey
    February 22, 2018 / 4:38 pm

    I struggle with this so much! I always have way more than I need!

  30. sharon wu
    February 22, 2018 / 6:37 pm

    i loooove maybelline’s big shot mascara too! it works so well and best of all doesn’t break the bank 😉 xo, sharon

  31. February 22, 2018 / 7:24 pm

    This is the perfect list of essentials! Not too much, not too little. It sounds/looks like what all I have in my bag!

  32. February 23, 2018 / 6:43 pm

    I realised that by curating your makeup bag, one will realise how much junk is in her bag! Haha,. because that’s what happen to me… I was looking through my bag and discover too many same makeup tools and things that I don’t use!

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