Facial Rolling 101

Wtf is a face roller? Do I need it? What are the benefits? One of best things about my job as a beauty blogger, is being able to test out new products and tools. After searching the internet, I have come across so different versions of them and they suit all price points! After seeing a lot of my favorite beauty bloggers try these devices out, I decided to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon to see what the fuss is all about!

Jade Roller

The Jade Roller is one of the more popular facial rollers out on the market currently. In fact, jade rollers have been a Chinese skincare staple for a VERY LONG time! I’m talking since the 7th century. It’s a tool designed to de-puff and tighten your face. This tool has a larger stone for cheeks, forehead, and jaw while the smaller stone is for around the eyes and mouth. After a few clicks through Amazon, I finally had a jade roller in my hand! I have been obsessed with it and I use it every morning. It’s recommended to use morning or night on freshly cleansed skin. Using a jade roller in conjunction with your skincare products will help your serums, oils and moisturizers penetrate through the skin.




The Benefits

By using a jade roller, it can help with lymphatic system which in turn reduces redness, puffiness, increases blood circulation and more. 

How to use

Apply your favorite serum, oil or moisturizer and roll in an upward motion. Super easy and quick! 

I like to leave my jade roller in the refrigerator for a more cooling affect!

My thoughts: 

I like to use the jade roller in the mornings to depuff my face and underneath my eyes. I really like that it’s cool to the touch right away (apparently, that’s how you know it’s real Jade). It’s really great to use after eating salty foods the night before! I will definitely recommend using a jade roller because it’s very easy to use and it’s the more affordable option compared to other facial rolling devices.

Contour Shaper

Do you guys follow Bag Snob on Instagram? I have been intrigued by this tool ever since she has been talking about them on her Instagram Stories. It looks really weird and NSFW (hehe) but I have been obsessed with my facial massager (under $10!). The balls massage through your face and neck for sculpting and contouring. These also come in different sizes to cater to your skin needs. 




The Benefits

Improves elasticity, lifts and firms saggy skin, relaxes facial muscles, helps to get rid of puffiness for a more contoured look.

How to use

Roll over your cheeks, and jaw line to tone and firm your face.

My thoughts:

I have to use this more consistently to see results. So I will update this post to share my thoughts!



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