Hi!! My name is Nicole and I'm an Atlanta based lifestyle blogger and creator of Thelifewithnicole.com! Thelifewithnicole.com is a personal lifestyle blog where I thoughts and adventures on lifestyle, fashion, beauty, topics and more. 

Originally launched in March of 2016, I went back and forth on starting a blog and I finally decided to go for it. Like most bloggers, my blog started as a hobby and now I'm developing my blog into a brand and business.  Today, I have purchased my own domain, and recreated the site and it is being used as a digital outlet used for my self expression.

I hope you guys find inspiration in my posts and enjoy the content that's published. 

I'm proud to say that I have current affiliations with HerCampus.com's InfluenceHer Collective, Ipsy Open Studios, and Fullscreen Media.