Favorite Everyday Off The Shoulder Top

So summer is basically here. Especially if you live in Georgia. I love buying new clothes to wear for the summer! It's always good to switch it up. 

I went on one of those *it's 12 am, I need to be sleeping but I'd rather be online shopping * binges and I was on the Forever 21 site and I saw so many cute items that would be perfect for Summer! 

I purchased this white off the shoulder flowy top. I think off the shoulder tops looks great on every body type and they are very flattering. Unfortunately, I accidently had the top in the dirty clothes bin and when I did laundry, I ended up drying the shirt and it did shrink. But I think it's a cuteeee crop top! 

I have been wearing this shirt a lot, and I has been featured in a few of my YouTube videos. 


Nicole FlintComment