Friday Favorites

Hey guys! Welcome to another Friday Favorites. This week I tried a ton of skincare and body products. This week, like other weeks has been very long! So I definitely made it a point to fit in some pampering during the week. 

1.) Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

bite beauty.jpg

I purchased this lip mask a few months ago and I never tried it out. Now that it's getting cold outside, my lips have been getting extremely dry. I almost returned this product because I though it was going to be a gimmicky product but my lips were so hydrated when I woke up! It's very thick so it's best to try it at night. It was amazing to wake up and still feel this product on my lips!

2.) Soo'Ae Black Charcoal Hydrogel Mask


I have been obsessed with hydrogel masks lately. Soo'Ae is slowly becoming one of my favorite skincare lines and they have some really great masks. I tried this mask after I had a terrible experience with another mask. This mask was so cooling on my skin since the mask I used previously made my skin red and irritated. I'm for sure going to pick up more of these masks this weekend!

3.) Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate


I have been using this eye cream for the last 6 months now and I have been using it consistently! Since it is a pricey product, it's great that a little bit goes a long way. My under eyes tend to get very dry and this product is very hydrating and it doesn't irritate my under eyes. 

4.) Maybelline FitMe Loose Powder



You guys know how much I love Maybelline's products and I'm an avid fan of the Maybelline FitMe Foundation as well as their cult Master Chrome Highlighter. I have the loose powder in two shades. I use one for my under eye if I'm contouring and highlight but it I'm doing a minimal look, I'll use the darker shade to set my entire face. 

5.) Lush Butterball Bath Bomb


These are my favorite bath bombs from Lush! Whenever I go to Lush, I would stock up on these.  It's so buttery and hyrdrating! These are perfect to add to your bath after a long day!

That it is for this week's Friday Favorites! In the meantime, check out last week's Friday Favorites! 

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