Sunday just so happens to be my favorite day of the week (even though I complain about having to go to work on Monday), I love Sundays. I like to use this day to film videos, edit blogs, catch up on cleaning, working out and more. 

It's 12:00pm and I always wonder why nail salons can't open at 10 on Sundays? QTNA. I really needed to squeeze in a nail appointment but I didn't want to wait until 12. I looked on Yelp to see if I could find a different salon that opens at 10. I found one, drove all the way there and they actually open at 12 on Sunday (UGHH). 

But anyway besides that, I was able to be the first one in the nail salon and I finally tried out SNS. I went in wanting a gel manicure but the nail tech recommended SNS and I love it! Definitely going for this more often.