Some days are a little less fabulous than others...

OMG! I had the longest day yesterday! A true bad case of the Monday's. I had so much to do at work it drove me to tears (LOL). No really, I cried because I was so overwhelmed with everything I had going on with me at work. It felt like everything was being thrown at me at once. When I had my moment at work, it was a shock to everyone. I never let anyone see me sweat and I work well under pressure. 

When it was almost time for me to leave work for the dat, it felt like I couldn't get out of the office! If it wasn't one thing, it was another. But I felt really accomplished leaving work yesterday because I got a lot of work done. 

When I got home from work, I indulged in a few glasses of red wine and had a yummy dinner! 

Sometimes it's okay to not have everything go your way throughout the day. After I had my moment, I looked at it like a test. On a daily basis, especially being a woman in the work force, we have tons of obstacles thrown our way everyday. We just have to make some tea, play some gangsta rap and handle it!