Managing my Blog with a Full Time Job

One of the most common questions I get is how do I manage being a full time blogger/YouTuber and balancing my full time job. There's times where I wish I could attend those daytime weekday blogger events, or spend all day shooting videos for my YouTube channel. Unfortunately, those aren't the cards I'm dealt with at this very moment. Would I like to blog and do YouTube full time in the future? Yes! I have been blogging consistently for almost a year now and I love creating content.

Since I have been blogging and doing YouTube for almost a year, I have learned a lot about balancing my full time job and my blog.

1.) Keep a content calendar

Having a content calendar will keep you organized and have everything on track. I use a calendar template from Google Docs and at the beginning of the month I will plan out my blog posts and YouTube videos for that month. When I have everything on a calendar, I post consistently because I have had everything planned out. 

2.) Schedule ahead

Speaking of having a content calendar, make sure you're scheduling your blog posts to automatically post. Luckily with most website platforms you're able to schedule your posts days, weeks or even months in advance. On the weekends thats when I'm free, so if I have to shoot outfit photos, product shots or videos I will do them on Saturdays and edit and schedule everything on Sundays. Also if you want to be more interactive on Instagram, take as many photos as you can. That way if you want to post on Instagram, you already have photos lined up and ready to go.

3.) Set monthly goals 

With everything you do, it's important to set monthly goals. Every month, I write down all of the goals I have for my blog/YouTube channel. Whether that's posting 3 videos a week or pitching to one of my favorite brands for a collaborations. One of my goals this month was to promote my blog and YouTube on social media more, and it has paid off tremendously. 

4.) Remember, quality over quantity 

If you're unable to post 7 days a week, that is okay! You definitely don't want to get overwhelmed by feeling like you have to post everyday during the week. If I look back at my statistics, I only posted one blog in the month of February. Just keep in mind that if you aren't able to post as frequently throughout the week, just make sure that when you do post, you're creating the best content that you can!

Are you a full time blogger and have a full time job? How do you manage your blog?!

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