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I have a very strict skincare routine! I'm always making sure that I'm washing my face twice a day, applying all of my treatments, and moisturizing. Don't sleep in your makeup! It's something that has been told to us by beauty experts, our moms, friends, etc.! But let's be honest, even though I have a strict skincare routine, there are times where I would fall asleep with my makeup on or just don't feel like getting up to remove all of the makeup that I wore throughout the day. In the back of my mind, I am thinking "It's just a little bit of foundation. It's not going to hurt". 

1.) Clogged Pores

This is pretty much a given! Sleeping in day-old makeup is going to clog your pores from all of the dirt and oil which essentially is going to cause breakouts. 

2.) Dry skin

Even though I have oily skin, I have noticed that when I do sleep in my makeup, I'll wake up to my skin being extremely dry! Wonder why? Well when you remove your makeup before bed, you're giving your skin a chance to breathe. When you don't remove your makeup, it's sucking all of the natural oils out of your skin. 

3.) Aging skin

Sleeping in your makeup can stop the process of building collagen, causes wrinkles, and dullness in your skin. 


Whenever I fall asleep with my makeup on, I wake up with instant regret! Simply because I'm not sure how my skin is going to react and I'm thinking about all of the breakouts I potentially have. The first thing I do is change my pillowcases and sheets. Why do all of the work to bring your skin back to normal if you're going to sleep on the same dirty pillowcases. It kinda defeats the purpose right? After that, I like to double cleanse my face. First I'll clean the leftover makeup with a makeup wipe then wash my face twice with my facial cleanser. I like to make sure I have gotten rid of all the leftover makeup. After my face is clean, I like to go in with a detoxifying mask. I like to use the Detox Mud Treatment by Exuviance. This mask is formulated to instantly clarify and refine pores. Also, it removes debris, toxins, and excess oil! I slept in my makeup last week simply because I was lazy and I knew it was a bad idea but, I went ahead and did it anyway. After I used this mask, my skin felt amazing! It felt so clean and my skin was smooth and hydrated. This mask is perfect to use 2-3 times a week for 5-10 minutes and it's perfect for all skin types! Lastly, I will tone and moisturize and now my skin is back to normal! 

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The Detox Mud Mask Treatment by Exuviance can be picked up at and Ulta and retails for $49!

Have you ever slept in your makeup? If so, how do you treat your skin afterward? 

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