Do you consider Mac to be High End?

With the announcement of M.A.C. coming to Ulta it has a lot of people thinking. Now me personally, I think it's a good move, but it definitely has people thinking... Well is M.A.C. really high end? 

I recently went on a M.A.C. binge after not shopping there for a year. Personally, I just want to try new products and that's when drugstore was stepping up their products.  I think M.A.C. coming to Ulta is a great move. First of all, I love Ulta. I love the convenience of the locations. This alone is a win win for M.A.C. 

Now for the big question... Do you consider M.A.C. high end? When I first got into makeup of course I thought M.A.C was high end. But now as an adult, I don't really consider M.A.C. to be expensive. With the way drugstore prices are heading, you might as well purchase a M.A.C. product. 

I personally consider M.A.C. to be a medium to high end makeup brand. I love M.A.C. and I definitely have some holy grail products from them. Congrats to M.A.C. for making that move! 

Nicole FlintComment