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Of course I had to add Fenty Beauty by Rihanna on my list! I still haven't pulled the trigger to purchase Fenty Beauty because I haven't had time to go into my local Sephora to get color matched. The main things I want from the collection is the foundation, match stixs, the gloss bomb, and the Killawatt Highlighters! I hope to get my hands on these products soon.

2.) The Ordinary Serum Foundation


I have heard a lot of things about The Ordinary. I currently have a cart full of products on the website right now and the reason why I haven't purchased yet is because I don't want to wait for the shipping (first world problems). But I really want to try out the foundation because I have been watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts about it. I thought it would be great to do a first impressions for you guys.

3.) Glossier's Body Hero

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Glossier is turning into one of my favorite beauty brands! I'm obsessed with everything Glossier at the moment. Glossier just launched body hero, which is a product that's for your body! It's a body wash that's similar to facial cleanser. So while your face is nice and clean why not have a body wash to match? They also released a moisturizer along with the body wash. Also I love the ad campaign Glossier did to promote this product! Body positivity everywhere!

glossier body hero.jpg

4.) L'oreal x Balmain


When I first heard about this collaboration I did a major eye roll honestly. But when I saw the shades of the lipsticks I fell in love! It comes with 14 shades and it will be sold at Barneys. I think I'm more in love with the packaging haha.  I love that Balmain collaborates with affordable brands. Balmain previously collaborated with H&M a couple of years ago. 

5.) Pat McGrath Labs Luxe Trance Lipsticks



I love Pat McGrath and I think her makeup skills and products are everything and more! She is very creative and is definitely a show stopper! The Luxe Trance Lipsticks came in 3 shades and is sold at Sephora. I believe these are limited edition and I don't even know if they are in stock anymore. If they are still in stock, I would love to get my hands on one!

That is all on my beauty wishlist this month. I will update you guys when if I decide to pick up some these items. Do you have an item or items, you want to this month? Let's chat in the comments! 

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