Instagram Worthy areas in Atlanta

Being a blogger, I'm always trying to find the best area to take photos. Instagram is another way I promote my blog, so I want to be able to take high quality and fun photos! With these options, you are sure to find an area that matches your Instagram feed perfectly!

1.) Krog Street Tunnel and surrounding areas.

I love Krog Street Tunnel! I love all of the graffiti and authenticity of this area. A ton of people in the Atlanta area come here for photos, and I see exactly why!


2.) Atlanta Humane Society

I drive passed the Atlanta Humane Society pretty often, and I always see the back of the building with the "Atlanta Humane Society" on the wall. I thought it would be cool to take a photo directly in front of the "Atlanta" portion of the mural. 

3.) Ponce City Market

I'm so obsessed with Ponce City Market! It's one of my favorite places in Atlanta and when I get a chance to go, I do not turn down the opportunity. Ponce City Market has a ton of Instagrammable (is that a word) areas! With the belt line, the roof top, and even in the courtyard area, you are bound to get some great photos. 

5.) Paris on Ponce

This is conveniently located across the street from Ponce City Market and I love the mural that is behind the shop. They also have a nice colorful wall where parking is located.

6.) Atlanta Beltline

I love the Atlanta Beltline! I definitely want to go there more often for bike rides and runs. I was walking on the scenic trail with my friend one day and saw that they had some cool murals and walls! This pink wall would be perfect for the blogger with the pink theme!


7.) Old Truss Bridge (Bankhead HWY) 

Want breathtaking views, head over to the Old Truss Bridge where you can take amazing photos with the skyline of Atlanta right behind you!

8.) Englishmans (South Atlanta Road)

Here you will find bright yellow brick and bright blue walls! Great for brightening up your feed!

9. Howell Mill (Directly across from the Atlanta Humane Society)

These are just some of my favorite areas to step up your Instagram game! Maybe I will always update this list with new locations!


Nicole Flint11 Comments